HOA Holiday Decorating Handbook: Fair Rules for Community Residents

HOA Holiday Decorating Handbook: Fair Rules for Community Residents

Nearly 70% of Americans plan to hang up outdoor holiday decorations. That's a lot of festive people! Seeing a neighborhood light up is one of the best parts of the holiday season.

But how do you set HOA holiday decorating rules that both allow that festivity and keep an entire community happy? It's not always easy.

We're here with a few fair and reasonable rules that an HOA can set for residents when it comes to holiday decor. Read on to learn more.

Adhere to Designated Timeframes

Establish clear start and end dates for holiday decorations to ensure they are not left up for an extended period. As long as you keep this timeframe reasonable, this is a fair homeowners association rule.

Reasonable, in this case, could mean that lights go up the day after Thanksgiving and go down mid-to-late January. This gives people plenty of time to enjoy their own holiday display and, if they're traveling for the holidays, they should be back in time to take it down.

Of course, this is only for winter holidays. Consider the timeframes that make the most sense for each holiday.

Keep Lighting Respectful

Residents should try to limit the use of overly bright, flashing lights so they can stay considerate of their neighbors. They should excessive lighting that may disturb others.

Holiday lights can be charming, but they shouldn't disrupt the sleep of neighbors. Keeping it relatively subtle is important, and subtle lights can still be festive.

Keep Noise to a Minimum

Residents should do their best to avoid excessive noise from holiday decorations, such as loud music or repetitive sounds, especially during nighttime hours.

Many modern light displays have loud sounds, and while those can be nice in moderation, they can also be irritating or frightening. Consider asking residents to match their lights with the radio instead.

Consider Size and Placement

This rule is a must if you want a visually appealing neighborhood without overwhelming decorations.

Establish guidelines for the size of decorations, such as a maximum height for yard displays or a limit on the dimensions of outdoor ornaments. Make sure that a holiday display doesn't cross onto another property.

Remember that an oversized decoration that overlaps onto the sidewalk can be a safety hazard.

Respect Common Areas

Clarify any rules regarding the decoration of common areas and shared spaces. In most cases, it's best to leave common area decor up to the HOA. Consider taking a poll of your residents during a meeting to decide what types of decor you're going to put up.

Remember to respect everyone's beliefs and traditions. If there are going to be decorations in the common areas, try to be representative of the community.

Consider These HOA Holiday Decorating Rules

These HOA holiday decorating rules and guidelines are fair and shouldn't upset your HOA residents. People should be allowed to add a bit of flair and festivity to their homes, but not at the expense of other residents!

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