5 Types of HOA Meetings to Know About in Houston, Texas

5 Types of HOA Meetings to Know About in Houston, Texas

If you live in an HOA community, your schedule will include at least a few meetings each year. The question is: what can you expect from them?

See, HOA meetings come in various types. Some will be open to everyone, and others will only involve HOA board members. Meetings can also cover all sorts of topics, from member disputes to accounting and reporting.

The easiest way to make sense of these meetings is to sort them into distinct groups. Here are the five types of HOA meetings you should know about.

1. HOA Board Meeting

HOA board meetings are the most common type of HOA meetings. Despite the name, it's open to all HOA members. The purpose of these meetings is to give the community a chance to interact with their HOA board.

Depending on the size of the HOA, board meetings often take place monthly or quarterly. All elected leaders must attend, and members are welcome to take part. Topics can vary based on issues that need addressing.

2. Annual Meeting

As the name implies, annual HOA meetings take place once a year. Like board meetings, they're open to all community members. HOAs must take minutes during the meeting and give at least a 30-day notice about it.

As this is the only mandatory HOA meeting, it usually involves discussions about the big picture. The board may present the annual budget, introduce new members, and announce projects.

3. Committee Meeting

According to HOA guidelines, not every HOA needs committees. If it does have them, these committees tend to manage smaller projects. Common examples include a safety committee and a landscaping committee.

Many committees will hold meetings to discuss their activities with the community. Attendance requirements will depend on the HOA's governing documents. That said, these meetings tend to be similar to board meetings.

4. Emergency Meeting

HOA meeting procedures allow HOA boards to call emergency meetings. These meetings are rare and only occur if there's a need for immediate action. For instance, they may be a response to a natural disaster in Houston.

Unlike the other meetings on this list, emergency meetings are often called in at short notice. If the circumstances are serious enough, the HOA may even decide to hold them remotely, via Zoom or phone.

5. Executive Session

Every successful HOA board will hold some meetings closed to the public. These meetings are best known as executive sessions. Some HOA boards choose to run these sessions right after board or annual meetings.

The closed nature of executive sessions allows board members to discuss confidential matters. For example, they may talk about ongoing litigation or personal issues that may affect a board member's role.

Get Help With Managing HOA Meetings

Given the variety of HOA meetings, organizing them can be a tough task. In general, it's best to plan as many meetings as you can at the start of the year. That way, everyone will get plenty of time to prepare for them.

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